Unfinished Business

3 Ways to Handle Unmet Expectations Have you ever thought of the perfect comeback except it was too late? Maybe someone put you on the spot and you didn’t think of the right response until the ride home. You left the conversation with unfinished business. Once you realized precisely what you wanted to say the chance to show the world your wit…

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Doing too much

Doing less so that you can accomplish more Have you ever seen someone is “doing too much” or being what we used to call a “try hard”? Maybe they are being inauthentic, trying to impress someone, or overcompensating for some reason. On the basketball court, he is the guy with all the new gear but can’t dribble or shoot. At…

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Leadership, Sharing Faith

Crossing the Line

4 Questions that show you have gone from honest to harsh How do we know when sharing truth has needlessly moved from bold compassion to insensitive confrontation? We have to be able to honest without being harsh. In my previous post I talked about sharing our opinion without burning bridges. Today I would like to explore how to know when…

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Authentic Christianity, Spiritual Life

Pursuit Over Perfection

Refresh Your Goals and Your Soul How are your New Year’s Resolutions going so far? According to the book, FINISH, 92% of New Year Resolutions fail. Jon Acuff says that you have a better chance of getting into Julliard than you do completing your New Year’s Resolution. So if your goals are already derailed, then you are probably not alone.…

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Authentic Christianity

A Little Something Extra

Letting Go So That You Can Receive More Have you ever felt like you were putting too much pressure on yourself or felt bad for not doing more in the area of your faith? Your Christianity should be refreshing not exhausting.  This wasn’t always the case for me. A Little Something Extra In Louisiana you often hear the word “Lagniappe”…

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Authentic Christianity, Faith

Are You Experiencing God’s Goodness?

3 Reminders of the Goodness of God God desires to do good things for us, but what do we do when we feel like we are not experiencing this in our lives? Does God withhold His goodness in certain circumstances? Absurd Goodness In our family we try to help our kids feel confident being themselves and comfortable being with us.…

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