Are You Really Leading?

How we can value people over our positions


If God gives us a voice we must speak for those who can’t speak for themselves.

If God gives us strong hands we must help those who can’t help themselves.

If God gives us a place to stand we must stand for those who cannot pick up themselves.


God does not give us these good gifts for us to build kingdoms for ourselves but rather to build up the people in His Kingdom.


If we only serve those who can benefit us, is that really serving?

If we only honor those who can honor us, is that really honor?

If we only sacrifice when there is someone to see, is that really a good deed?

If we only step out when there is no risk, are we really leading?


People matter to God. He does not give position and influence to protect those who already have it, but so those with it can protect and provide for those who do not have it. Position is not for the leader but for the follower.


We should measure success in our leadership…

Not by how many people like us, but by how we love the unlovable.

Not by how many celebrate us, but how many we celebrate.

Not by how much pain we avoid, but how much pain we enter into.

Not by how many we have serving us, but how many we are willing to serve with what God has given us.


Christian leadership is a paradox. It’s not corporate leadership. It’s not amassing followers. It is serving the masses by caring for the one. It is a two-way street. It’s influence rooted in stewardship. We must be careful that as we grow in influence we also grow in the same portion of selflessness as well.

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