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The Path to Healthy

If we want to be genuinely free, then there have to be some things we have to let go of first. What are the things you think you will lose if you give up that relationship or position? Usually, the thing we think we are going to lose by letting go is the very thing we are sacrificing by holding on.

Authentic Christianity

The Messy Truth

There is a place for discretion and even Instagram filters. I am all for that. Sometimes though, I want to know what is going on outside of the square. I want the Imax version of the story.

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How to Spot Dysfunction

It can be hard to know what to do when the hard realities of an unhealthy church culture or ministry leader impact our lives. We can start, though, by being honest with ourselves, before we focus on what others can do better.

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Digging Ditches

I would love to say pursuing our calling as a coupe has been a beautiful mountaintop experience, but that would be so far from the truth. It has been a lonely uphill climb full of bumps and bruises.

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Church Culture Shift

Often, culture influences our decisions and behaviors without us being aware. This can make it challenging to find a healthy rhythm for our lives after experiencing dysfunction of some kind. How do we make a change when we realize we need to change the atmosphere of our faith? Here are five steps to a healthy church experience.

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Honor Is a Choice, Not a Response

How to Guard Your Heart in an Unhealthy Church Culture Do you remember the first time you experienced a broken heart? Someone once told me if you are going to love, then you have to be willing to get hurt because it is impossible to love someone without them disappointing you at some point. While churches should not be a…

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Culture Shift Part 2

Five Steps To A Healthy Ministry Experience * What is it about the home or culture we develop in that produces both great and not so great things in our lives? Often, this takes place without us even being aware. It can be challenging to find a healthy rhythm for our lives after experiencing dysfunction of some kind. How do we…

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