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A New Year Not About Me

5 Ways to Make 2018 About Others

I read the headline of an article the other day that said Meghan Markle is not setting a New Year’s Resolution. I guess that is supposed to make the rest of us feel like we don’t need to make resolutions either. I didn’t read the article but if I was writing it I would say that she is marrying a prince in 2018 so she really doesn’t need a resolution. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

For the rest of us though, we are looking at 2018 and thinking about goals and how we can better ourselves. If you are like me, just about every New Year’s Resolution you have ever made is about yourself.

I noticed the end of 2017 my focus became a lot about me. Looking through my social media feed at the end of the year I noticed a lot of pictures of me and my family and not a lot of attention being brought to others. I don’t want that to happen again in 2018. So I want to resolve to make 2018 more about others. Here are 5 ways I am going to try to do that.

Be Interrupted

It’s never convenient to join in someone else’s moment of need. If you are waiting to have time for other people’s crises then you will never have time to be a help. You are either there or you aren’t. Accepting the fact that you will have to be inconvenienced to experience the joy of helping someone else is a given.

Celebrate Others

I want to genuinely celebrate other people’s wins and not just wonder about when I am going to get my next win. We all win when we celebrate each other’s wins. It’s a win, win, win.

Ask Why

When someone disagrees with me my usual response is to lawyer up so to speak. I start formulating the plan of attack to prove them wrong. The only problem with this is that I don’t learn anything in the process. Next time someone says something that disagrees with my perspective I want to ask why. Maybe I will learn something I never knew before.

Schedule Serving

I don’t want to just wait until I am inspired to serve or give. If this is a value then I need to schedule it. I also know that I cannot serve every time there is a need or I will end up burned out, exhausted, and no good to anyone. My goal is to find the best opportunities on my calendar for me to serve and commit to those.

Intentionally Collaborate

I want to bring other people into my circle. I don’t want to win by myself. I want a small group of accountability. Mentors and friends that are helping me along. I want to share my ideas with others that can accelerate them beyond what I could on my own.

Eat Away at Selfishness

Bonus: Does anything eat away at selfishness like giving? I want to be a bigger giver in 2018 and hopefully snap out of some of my selfish ways of thinking about money. I want God to give me resources not just to make my life better, but to make others lives better as well.

These are just a few random thoughts on making this New Year not about me. What are you going to do to not make 2018 about you? Is there an area I didn’t cover that you have ideas on how to make it more others focused? Let me know and share this post to see what others may add.

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