My Book Broke the Internet

So, I chose to launch my book on the day that Facebook and Instagram went down making it impossible to promote said book. It’s fine. No big deal. Everything is ok.

Let’s put this in perspective. I finished writing the first draft of this book in 2015. I could have published it at any point between then and yesterday. 2,190 days to choose from, and I choose the one day that would not allow me to promote the years of hard work I put into the book. As I said, I aM fINe!

Throughout the day, Amy continued to say, “It will be ok, remember, ‘Believe Again!'” “How about you Believe Again, Amy!” That is what I thought, not what I actually said. I, at least, wanted to live until the end of the day. Amy’s cries for me to relax and that things would be ok fell on deaf ears. I had believed again enough. I wanted to see some results.

The major social media platforms laughing at my attempts to launch a book was not the only thing that was going wrong. Only 4 of my pre-order books arrived. This means I could not ship out the pre-orders before launch day as I promised. Why did Amazon send me 4 random books in a paper bag (I am not kidding about this) instead of all the books I ordered? I have no idea, other than the world must be against me in some way.

Then my website refused to load on my home wifi. The website worked for everyone else not on my wifi, it just did not want to work for me. Everyone else was FINE. I was not. An hour or so on the phone and the website was going. Now to ship out the four books I actually did receive. Nope. The shipping label application decided to stop working. I could not even ship those out.

I’m not upset. Your upset.

This was a massive collapse. Literally, every component I needed to launch my book had failed. The thought crossed my mind throughout the day, that this is just what it felt like when I first stepped away from full-time ministry. Nothing I tried work. It seemed everything around me was going wrong. I felt alone and like there was no one I could count on, even God. I was having a chance to apply what I learned during that season of life and shared in my book. But I was failing miserably.

Eventually, I was able to figure out the technical difficulties and create the shipping labels. And despite not being able to promote the book’s launch it had reached #520 on Amazon’s Christian book list out of tens of thousands.

So here I am saying I am still growing and re-learning the things I talk about in my book. Tomorrow became today and I am still here hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit. Sometimes winning is not winning. It’s staying in the game when you want to give up. Today I am “winning.” #winning

You can pick up my book on Amazon and Kindle.

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