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Fish Out of Church Turns 4

It was on this day four years ago I posted my first blog on fishoutofchurch.com. I now blog on a new domain but my blogging journey would not have been possible without that first post. I have learned so much from this experience and am so happy I decided to venture into the unknown world of sharing my story in a vulnerable way.

One of my favorite things about blogging are the people who have reached out to connect with me as a result of sharing my story. Hearing their stories has been refreshing to me. Another favorite part, that is kind of comical, is when I share a low point in my life and I get a messages saying how much that post encourages people! I always wonder, “what is it about me being discouraged that others find so encouraging?!?!” Of course I know people find it refreshing when you are raw, honest, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

I started blogging with the goal of creating 52 posts and turning those posts into a book. I thought if I could get that far then I might have enough content to create a full-length book. Since that time I have written hundreds of posts on numerous different topics, but publishing the Fish Out of Church story is still my top priority.

You may be wondering what is taking so long or why have I written other books if that is my goal? Good questions. The most obvious answer to me is that I do not feel the final chapter of the book has been written yet. I believe there is one more plot twist to the story that is yet to reveal itself to me. I can’t wait for that, to write it down, and share it with you.

Even though I have self published three books so far none of those are full-length books. I have one short story and two ebooks that I have turned into paperbacks. You can get one of them for free when you subscribe to my blog or get the others on Amazon.

If you have ever had the desire to write, even just a little, I would suggest you do it! We need to hear your story. Your voice counts! Write over the heads of your fears and let your words soar. Set them free from the cage of whatever fear has locked them up. Looking back on the past 4 years I am so glad I stepped out to write when I didn’t know if I was good enough, if people would read, or if what I put out there would be celebrated. You shouldn’t write just for you, but you will probably be the one to most benefit from the process.

Thanks so much for following along. I believe the best is yet to come for me and for you.

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  1. Hey Josh great post! I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Even won a couple of competitions back in high school and college and have been jokingly deemed the wordsmith in the office. I started blogging about 15 years ago but sadly have been very unfaithful. I’ve made several attempts at restoring the relationship. Hopefully this time I’ll remain faithful. It’s the insecurities that keep us from using the voice and message we’ve been given.. Just like Moses. Appreciate your authenticity. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Keep it up. You’re encouraging more than you know!!

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