Are You Experiencing God’s Goodness?

3 Reminders of the Goodness of God

God desires to do good things for us, but what do we do when we feel like we are not experiencing this in our lives? Does God withhold His goodness in certain circumstances?

Absurd Goodness

In our family we try to help our kids feel confident being themselves and comfortable being with us. This has some awesome advantages and sometimes funny disadvantages. Our 6-year-old tells us nearly everything that happens when we are not around her because she doesn’t have a fear of us overreacting to bad news. The flip side of this is that she also gets a little too familiar with us and starts to bark out orders.

When she was younger she once told us that, “If you don’t buy me that toy, then I am not going to let you buy me things anymore!” Wow, what a threat! We laughed at the absurdity of her perspective that not allowing us to do good things for her would be a punishment for us instead of her.

Just as I had to shift my daughter’s perspective on her relationship with me as her father in that moment, I believe God has to sometimes shift our perspective of Him as our Heavenly Father.

Hebrews 11:6 – “And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.

We know faith is required to come to God. But did you also know that this faith must also lead to you believing that God is good and wants to do good things for you? Here are three reminders of the goodness of God:

God wants to do good things for you.

Sophie thought she was punishing me by saying she wasn’t going to allow me to buy her things anymore. And while that is a very silly way of looking at things, I hope that I would trust in the goodness of God in this way. We need to trust that even when things are not going the way we expect, we are still experiencing His favor. Sometimes the goodness of God comes in a blessing, a delay, and even in a redirection.

Honoring God leads to good things for you.

The first prerequisite for coming to God is faith. Faith requires that we honor a God we cannot see over circumstances that we can see. We cannot earn God’s forgiveness. We receive this through faith. But there is more to this new life than just forgiveness. We open the door to that more by putting God first in principle and action.

God is not overlooking you.

God does not miss the fact that we suffer injustice. He is ultimately in control and will make things right. Pain in this life is not a sign of the absence of God, but rather humanity’s need for God. If we only honor God when we experience good things would that really be faith? I don’t think trust could be defined that way in any relationship.

God wants us to be comfortable being ourselves. He wants us to be able to come to him in our strength and weakness. He is the source of that strength and Healer of our brokenness. There is no safer place, but we cannot enjoy this if we don’t remember that we must come to God in faith, believe He is good, and trust that He wants to do good things for us.

If accepting God’s grace, mercy, and goodness towards you has been difficult, then here is a book that may help you in that area. I know it helped me ton.

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