Shipwrecked is an allegorical short story that describes the journey of a high performing, but also incredibly exhausted, sailer’s journey to authentic faith in the wilderness sea. In it, you will discover the key to avoiding a shipwrecked faith, as well as how to refresh your faith if you have becoming discouraged along the way. If you like A Tale of Three Kings or other parable books you will enjoy this one.

Grace Is A Dirty Word was the first free download I offered when someone subscribed to my blog. It is composed of blog posts I have made on the topic of grace along with content original to the book. It covers eight misconceptions about the Grace of God as well as the truth behind each wrong perspective.

Too many times, we don’t finish what we start, not because we are not able, but because we are not willing to finish messy. I believe as we learn to do more, do less, do what we hate, and do what we love, we can have fun while finishing our goals. Finish messy is a short read where I bring in a ton of quotes and thoughts from some of my favorite thought leaders.

Are you stuck in a religious performance trap? In this book, I discuss ten signs of a religious performance trap and the steps you can take to find freedom from exhausting manmade rules that can ruin your Christian experience.