Believe Again Launch Day

How You Can Help Spread the Word About My New Book

Believe Again: Finding Faith After Losing Religion is now available on Amazon and Kindle.

Click to purchase on Amazon and Kindle.

I am asking you to help me launch this book so it can reach more people. Here are some things you can do.

Buy the book!

I know you will love it. You can get it here on Amazon and Kindle. Click this link to check it out on Amazon

Gift the book to someone you know it will encourage.

This is a raw, refreshing, and funny story about life outside of the church bubble. It is written so that people who need to reconnect to church would enjoy it while also encouraging believers. Did you know you can ship to other people from your Amazon account? Click here to send the book as a gift to a friend or family member. 

Leave a review on Amazon.

This is crucial. New authors cannot survive without reviews. A review on Amazon is like oxygen to this book’s success. You can leave a five-star review right now, even before reading the book. If you know me and would give me five stars, then you can put that review under my book. If you order the book and then leave a review as a verified purchaser, even better! Click here to leave a review.

Post about the book on social media and tag me @joshroberie.

Post and please use a picture of yourself holding the book if you are up for it. I’d love to see you with the book. Sharing my posts will also work. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn… It’s all helpful! Make sure you use a link to Amazon, so it is easy for your followers to get to the book. Here is that link:

Here are some sample pictures and text to help promote the book: 

“My friend Josh’s new book launches today! I know it will encourage you in your faith and inspire anyone going through a tough time. Get your copy of Believe Again: Finding Faith. You can find it on Amazon here:” 

“Make sure to get your copy of Believe Again: Finding Faith After Losing Religion. In the book, Josh tells his personal fish out of water story to show how a season working outside of full-time ministry made him a better pastor and taught him to relate to God, church, and others in a new grace-filled way. You can find it on Amazon here:” 

“My friend Josh wrote a book that will help anyone who finds themselves feeling discouraged, discarded, or doubting. It is a refreshing and honest take on overcoming obstacles in life and faith. Check out Believe Again: Finding Faith After Losing Religion on Amazon and Kindle here:”

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