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5 Steps to the HUGEST Church Launch of ALL-TIME!

If you want to be an instant church-lebrity and get your Instagram account verified before your first service is completed then follow these 5 steps to have the HUGEST (and best) church launch of ALL-TIME. Ministry fame and fortune is sure to follow as you take these steps in a custom retro Jordans.

1. Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions

Only let your pastor know you are starting a church after you have already moved to your new city, recruited some of his best team, and tapped out all your former church’s biggest givers. 

2. Imitation Is The Highest Form of Flattery

Pick a name for you church after your favorite existing church… in the same city.

3. Better Is A Neighbor Who Is Near Than A Brother Far Away.

Start your church across the street from another church in your network to help them with “overflow.” You could even dedicate a volunteer to direct traffic into your parking lot to make it easier for people to make the transition.

4. We Built This Church On The Rock-n-Roll

Instead of relaying on excellence, genuine care, and providing a meaning worship experience with a well prepared message, get people back in the building with shock value series. For example announce your week two message like this: “Next we we are talking about the F-BOMB! …forgiveness.” Or “I know you don’t know me or are familiar with our new church yet, but next week, Let’s Talk about SEX BABY!”

5. Enough About Me. Let’s Talk About You. What Do You Think About Me?

Start every new relationship with other church leaders in your city by asking them for money for your new church, equipment to help you set up, or team members to get you going. Senior pastors love it when new church planters in their city do that. #itsallaboutthekingdom

Shake The Haters Off

There may be others who disagree with this advice, but let’s face it, they are boring. You are willing to live on the edge, and that is why you are going to get more conference speaking invitations than Life.Church has campuses! 

Obviously, this is just for fun! But, if you do think this is good advice, then we’d love to share some different thoughts on church planting with you in the arc launch training. You can start today at,

*all opinions are my own and are meant to only represent myself.

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