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Yesterday I watched from the beginning of the aisle as Sophie made it to the end of the aisle. #thebeginningoftheend #goingtoenjoyeverymoment

#JesusForTheWin Jesus followers thought the story was over on SATURDAY NIGHT, but didn’t know it was just beginning with the greatest Come Back of all time on SUNDAY MORNING. Nothing touches what Jesus did when He rose from the dead and split time in two. Now there is before and after Hope. #getyourhopeon #easter #happyeaster #resurrection

On our way to church this morning. She is so proud of her orange sunglasses. I am not so proud of the pacifier. #ohwell #passy4life

Midnight outreach. Just talked to the happiest person I met all week. He lives under the overpass at North Boulevard. He said, “Jesus is out 24 hours a day.” Yessir he is. #intothenight & #intothemorning #247Jesus

Everybody go follow @HPServe on Instagram! I hear they have a really cute poster. :)

1 Java 1:1 #coffee #java #communitycoffee

F I S H O U T O F C H U R C H “When you become out of balance… everything else can begin to look like a lonely island in comparison to what you have made your entire world. You forget how big the rest of the world is, and how much more is out there if you can just break though the momentum of the waves.” New post up at

New post is up. 13 - Getting Over the Wave. “When you become out of balance… everything else can begin to look like a lonely island in comparison to what you have made your entire world. You forget how big the rest of the world can be if you can just break through the momentum of the waves.”

// Bible Boredom //

The Bible can be a lot of things.  It can change your life, inspire you, confront you, and teach you. It can also be boring. Take Leviticus for example. There are some sections of that book that read like a long stretch of highway without civilization.  When reading portions of scripture like this I have to remind myself to focus, pay attention, and read slowly so that I can hear God speak to me. I am also reminded of the importance of a reading plan.


// Bible Rambo //

In college I did a lot of crazy things. While for most people a statement like that would involve frat parties and alcohol, for me it often includes some zealous activity related to my faith. One time in particular, I decided to read the entire New Testament, and not to eat until I had fulfilled my commitment.  Like I said, crazy.  About a day into this challenge, a friend of mine decided to throw a huge party that would be catered and included just about everyone I knew. I had about 48 hours to complete my challenge before I would miss out on all the fun. As it came closer to the event it was obvious that I was not going to finish reading before the party began. I also didn’t want to break my Jephthah Vow. A compromise was made. I recruited friends to read a couple books of the New Testament out loud as I continue to read to myself in order to complete the challenge before the party. I had some good friends. And I completed the challenge, uh sort of. The lesson is be careful not to bite off more than you can chew.

// The Bible Habit //

It is not a sin to go a day without reading the Bible. Do not allow condemnation, fear, or guilt become motivating factors for reading your Bible. This kind of thinking leads to a performance trap that causes people to complete religious acts out of behavior modification instead of heart transformation.  A habit of regular Bible reading doesn’t necessarily make you more holy. It just means you are giving yourself more opportunity to understand the Bible and know God more.