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Perspective on applying God's word to life, sharing His love with others, and having a little fun along the way. Blogging from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
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What’s on the other side of your bubble? For a long time I was afraid of making a mistake and missing God’s will. It caused so much stress and anxiety. Then a friend asked me a very powerful question, “Do you believe God wants His will for your life more than you want His will for your life?” Don’t be afraid to fail. God is with you and He is for you! /More stuff like this in my newest post.

"…It is very important to have a healthy understanding of God’s will. Not so that you can better determine the future, but so that you can make better decisions today. For so long in my life I thought of the will of God like a tight rope that I had to carefully cross out fear of getting something wrong and plunging into the abyss below…" Continue reading at 15 - Jumping Off the Tight Rope

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Yesterday I watched from the beginning of the aisle as Sophie made it to the end of the aisle. #thebeginningoftheend #goingtoenjoyeverymoment

#JesusForTheWin Jesus followers thought the story was over on SATURDAY NIGHT, but didn’t know it was just beginning with the greatest Come Back of all time on SUNDAY MORNING. Nothing touches what Jesus did when He rose from the dead and split time in two. Now there is before and after Hope. #getyourhopeon #easter #happyeaster #resurrection

On our way to church this morning. She is so proud of her orange sunglasses. I am not so proud of the pacifier. #ohwell #passy4life

Midnight outreach. Just talked to the happiest person I met all week. He lives under the overpass at North Boulevard. He said, “Jesus is out 24 hours a day.” Yessir he is. #intothenight & #intothemorning #247Jesus

Everybody go follow @HPServe on Instagram! I hear they have a really cute poster. :)

1 Java 1:1 #coffee #java #communitycoffee

F I S H O U T O F C H U R C H “When you become out of balance… everything else can begin to look like a lonely island in comparison to what you have made your entire world. You forget how big the rest of the world is, and how much more is out there if you can just break though the momentum of the waves.” New post up at